Junior Canine

( Regular cost $425)
Wellness Exam, Chemistry & CBC, Fecal Parasite Test and Heartworm & Tick Disease Screen
To help your dog enjoy a happy, healthy life, this preventive care visit includes:

Comprehensive physical examination............ $57.00

This head-to-tail examination includes, but is not limited to, temperature, weight and the evaluation of the following: • coat and skin • eyes, ears, mouth, teeth and gums • heart, lungs and abdomen • legs and paws

Chemistry profile + complete blood count (CBC)............ $178.00

A blood chemistry profile, including SDMA, provides information about your dog’s kidneys, liver and pancreas as well as other functions of the body, such as blood sugar and hydration. A CBC can identify infection, inflammation and anemia.

Infectious disease screening............ $63.00

This screening identifies whether your dog has been exposed to heartworm or other important tick-borne diseases.

Fecal test............ $63.00

This test checks for intestinal parasites that may live in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. Since they are usually hidden from view, the only way to detect and identify most intestinal parasites is by doing a fecal test.

Complete urinalysis............ $64.00

This analysis assesses the overall health of your dog’s urinary tract including the kidneys and bladder. It identifies infection or inflammation in the urinary tract.


Senior Canine

All the above plus:

Thyroid function test............ $110.00

A thyroid function test detects whether or not your dog’s thyroid gland is functioning properly. Thyroid disease is common in middle aged and older dogs.

( Regular cost $535)
Wellness Exam, Chemistry & CBC, Fecal Parasite Test, Urinalysis and Heartworm & Tick-Borne Diseases Screen, Thyroid Screen

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